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    Hello, my girlfriend and I would like to setup an account together but currently her mother holds her phone number and is demanding her sim card if she leaves her plan. Is there a way to claim her phone number without being an account holder/admin on her moms plan? Nowadays with phone numbers being linked to endless security systems on websites and apps it would be a huge pain to try and change everything Plus there is a risk of people like her mother having access to sensitive information on her sim and accounts linked to that number. She moved out of there to get away. Is there anything she can do?


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      • magenta4678154

        Re: Phone number transer to another account

        Without the main account holder authorizing the move the there is not really anything that you can do. If it is going from one T-Mobile account to another you would do a Change Of Responsibility, in which case you'd need the account holder to release the line. In the case where you're switching to a different company, you'd need to have both the account number and pin, which is usually something only the account holder has access to.

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        • barcodeable

          Re: Phone number transer to another account

          Unfortunately, That number currently belongs to your girlfriend's mother to use as she sees fit..... and because she is the accountant holder... she can decide on how she uses all of the lines on her account. And anyways, If you ported out that number... your girlfriend's mother plan would evidently change and more than likely (based on what plan she has) she may eventually have to pay more for having less. Im sure that is what's going through her mind. I personally would hate someone trying to take my lines without my express permission


          Your girlfriend may just have to make the necessary adjustments to remove her number from social media apps, and accounts. I truly understand it will be time consuming, but there is no other way.


          Your girlfriend's mother asking for the simcard back is actually a curtesy on her part. As the account holder, she can easily contact T-Mobile and replace that simcard with a brand new one then activate it.... and that would make the simcard your girlfriend has invalid

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