LG V30 Oreo update


    Anyone else annoyed by the lack of an Oreo update on the V30? Every other carrier has rolled this update out, and T-Mobile is blaming LG for a jacked build. Come on!!!  It's mid April and still no Oreo? They might as well just wait and roll out the Android P update.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: LG V30 Oreo update

        Hey, magenta4693224! This is, for sure, a super hot topic around our Community lately. I wish we had some news to share on the timing of the update, but in the meantime, there is an existing thread where Community members are talking about this: Oreo update for the  LG V30?.  To keep things tidy, we try to maintain a 1:1 thread to topic ratio, so I'm going to lock this thread so we don't have double posts. You're not alone in the wait -- and again, please trust me when I say that we would be thrilled to share any news! Fingers crossed we'll have good word soon -- for you and for everyone!