AppleCare being canceled without notice


    I bought an Iphone 8+ back in October of 2017. I purchased the additional Premium protection which included AppleCare as well. Fast forward to January 2018, I dropped my phone in cracked the screen. I initially made an appointment with Apple to get my screen replace on January  18th 2018. I canceled the appointment because of scheduling issues and had to wait to take  it in. In the meantime, I wanted to use my old phone so I can still have a functioning phone. I took my Sim card out of my 8 plus and put it into my iphone 5. I finally had a chance to take my phone into the apple store on February 26th 2018 to get fixed. To my surprise I find out that my AppleCare has been canceled. With AppleCare you get 2 incidents where you only pay $29 for the repairs but because Tmobile canceled that, I now have to spend $175 to get the screen repaired.


    After hour long conversations with Tmobile representatives, they tell me that there is nothing they could do about canceling the AppleCare portion of my plan even though I was given no notice. I have been a 10+ year customer with Tmobile and have had nothing but positive things to say but this experience is making me change providers. Terrible customer service!

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      • magenta2750199

        They ALS0 said my assurian was cancelled, as well.

          • tidbits

            Re: AppleCare being canceled without notice

            You switched the sim on the device is why it was cancelled.  It's actually spelled out in the package they sent you when you added the insurance.


            Word of advice.  Even if you switch carriers they all have this stipulation and that is set forth by the underwriter(Insurance company) and not the carrier.

          • magenta4712626



            I am currently going though a very similar situation, except I am unable to find that particular stipulation on any documentation. Other companies do not offer Apple Care the way T-Mobile does so my confidence in tidbits' advice is low. If I am mistaken, I am open to any educational opportunities through cited sources. Finding this document would be very helpful.


            The most disappointing aspect of this has been the lack of communication on T-Mobile's behalf. I did not receive a 'package' specific to T-Mobile's premium device protection, and was not informed of the cancellation after the fact by any company; so being completely blindsided by this has been incredibly disappointing.


            The representatives at the store, over the phone and through chat all assured me that I would be protected with Apple Care, but it took multiple conversations over the period of two days for one representative to actually come to the conclusion the editor of this thread has. So much work, simply to be told it was all my fault; but no worries, they can fix it with refurbished parts for $75 more than Apple would have done. On top of having paid for Tier 4-6 w/ Apple Care since the beginning of this particular line's life, uninterrupted.


            On top of it all, I am unable to cancel the Apple Care service from being charged on my bill, and during my last call with the company, lowering tiers was also not an option. Since upgrading my device through JUMP! requires this particular package, I cannot have one without the other.


            Terrible customer service, indeed.

            • dadon4ever

              Just call T-Mobile tell them whats up