What worked and what didnt with T-moblie


    Below is an email I sent to John Legere.  While I doubt seriously it will ever be read I thought I would post it here as well.  Maybe some of the suggestions could be forwarded internally to someone who could implement them....


    I wanted to share with you my experience in the hope that it can be used by T-mobile.  On 4/16 T-mobile auto-drafted the balance due on two Iphones totaling $839.99.  This was not authorized and yet it was drafted all the same.  I went through several representatives each saying they were not sure why it happened and saying it would require a phone authorization to complete.  I was assured it would be refunded within 72 hours and the rep said the refund was recorded on 4/18.  After that expired I called back and was told it would take 3-5 business days.  After that expired I was told the only thing that could be done was to mail a prepaid card in 7-10 business days.  That’s the cliff-notes version.


    WHAT WORKED:  Hillary Turner


    When the full 5 business days had expired I contacted your T-mobile Force department and got Hillary Turner.  While my situation is overwhelmingly negative I wanted to highlight Hillary who really made me feel like she empathized with my situation and I truly believe she did everything in her power to resolve my situation.  While I don’t have any way to tell you where to find her, if you look up my account (512-***-****) it will likely reveal where she is in the rather extensive notes.  Hillary is a real asset to your company and if you have any internal way to highlight or reward positive performance I would recommend her strongly.


    WHAT DIDN’T: T-Mobile’s internal billing system


    The initial draft:  No one I have talked to has been able to tell me why the draft happened.  I was told it would have to have happened online with a phone call verification.  My wife and I are the only two users and neither of us authorized it.  It’s hard to establish trust when the cause is unknown and thus it cannot be prevented from happening again.


    The refund from T-mobile:  I am told it was authorized on 4/18, however it never arrived.  We verified that the account information was correct, but no one knows where it went.  That doesn’t instill confidence from a consumer end. 


    The pre-paid card:  Look, $839.99 probably isn’t a lot of money for you, but I have had several overdrafts and missed payments because of it.  I cannot make arrangements for a wedding in TN next month because I don’t have the funds.  And now I am told I will have an “expedited” prepaid card by 5/7.  I cannot pay my home mortgage, due on 5/1, with a prepaid card.  I can understand keeping close tabs on outgoing funds, but there needs to be a way for the Force team to make direct refunds in a timely manner.  If you can withdraw my funds while I’m on the phone, but then can’t put it back other than a physical card in 3 weeks then something is wrong. 


    I had been with AT&T from 2002 till last year when I switched, so I don’t bounce around to different providers.  My experience had been positive up to this point, but my little family of 4 cannot float a missing 840.00 without consequences.  While my interaction with your Force team was positive it ultimately did not yield ideal results, but I believe that to be the fault of the system they are working within.  At this point I am forced to wait on a prepaid card next month while I try to figure out how to pay Wells Fargo next week. 


    While I don’t expect a reply to this email I do hope you will look into the situation to both applaud Hillary specifically and to find tools that can be used by your team for situations like mine in the future that will hopefully both prevent customer headaches and retain qualified customers.


    All the best,

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      • tmo_mike_c

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        Wow, I'm really stoked that Hillary was able to give great service, but it's still bittersweet because of mysterious charge all at once and how this impacts your personal life. I'm really sorry this happened but I think this is something worth passing along and looking into further. Thanks for coming here to post this. I sent you a private message. Please reply to that and I'll make sure this is passed along. I'll also reach out and let Hillary know what you said about her. Again, thanks for all the feedback and for coming here to share your story.

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            I really appreciate you reaching out, however someone I presume from your corporate office contacted me yesterday regarding the email I sent.  He was able to cancel the pre-paid card in process, take my account information, and put the money back into my account directly.  That credit cleared last night and I have the funds today.  That completely resolves my issues and I am very happy.  We will remain a part of the T-mobile family because of this.  I really appreciate everyone's help in this matter!