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    • magenta3069444

      330. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

      Extremely good that TmoMarissa posted the update here, and did not leave us to 'figure it out' on our own. Don't like seeing the bug at all, but as Forest G. once said, that stuff happens.

      Hopefully the resolution is quick. For my part, no noticeable problems with Oreo, I installed via LG bridge, then immediately did a factory reset to 'clear the air' on the device.

      • glabman

        331. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

        Fyi, Updated 2 devices with Oreo and no problems to report. Everything works great!

        • redoregon

          332. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

          Same here.  My device had one reboot, cleared the cache partition and have had no issues since.  Wife's updated with no issues at all, didn't even need to clear the cache partition.  I'm hoping that the new update, when they clear it, will update our phones as well with the newest security release (and possible OS improvements if they find any?).

          • jonzey231

            333. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

            I wasn't really having any specific issues other than some random hangups

            in apps, with Google Assistant being a main one.


            I did a factory reset yesterday and got it all set back up. It's running

            super quick now with no lag anywhere.

            • shoogy

              334. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

              I have had no issues with camera or anything. my issues tat I am having after the update and are getting slowly worse. is bluetooth. if I have the phone connected to any bluetooth devices the audio skips every like 30 seconds and if I am using the phone while I am connected to a bluetooth device it basically locks up the phone. I have not tried a factory reset as of yet but I will tonight

              • choxta

                335. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                Try resetting your network stack "Network settings reset". Unless you have already. At least before a full phone reset.

                • shoogy

                  336. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                  Yeah I did that just now and restarted my phone and it is still haveing issues

                  • choxta

                    337. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                    So, I wonder what the difference could be, other than apps? I had no issues at all. There is a Bluetooth issue, but was there before the Oreo update. Watching video and hearing the sound while in my car is off. It's like watching Kung Fu Theatre, mouth moves, and and the actual sound is not synced.


                    I dedused this to the firmware on the car stereo, as my TV works fine.

                    • shoogy

                      338. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                      Yeah I have not had issues until the update and now I am having audio

                      issues no matter what content I play or what Bluetooth device I am

                      connected to

                      • pomacat

                        339. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                        As of Monday night no problems encountered.

                        • aprildawne

                          340. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                          I updated my device through LG Bridge and so far it's performing very well. I like the extra customization of icon shape and the tweaked menu. The ThinQ camera additions are interesting as well. I did notice that the main page for Software Updates is listing the V30/V30+ as being "In Development" again, which is odd. Are they adding more tweaks?

                          • pomacat

                            341. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                            It's on hold due to problems. They are checking to make sure it's ready to roll out. They may make some changes if they find something.

                            • magenta4541182

                              342. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                              I appreciate communication, thank you! I updated to Oreo and had several problems. First, I occasionally had a system UI not responding error, battery didn't last even half as long as it did before the update, and my sound was slightly different. I fixed everything. The main fix was simply going to settings/general/Smart cleaning and tapping on Optimize Phone. That cleared all temporary files/cache. I had almost 3GB of files cleared. I went into battery settings and saw the battery drain culprit was McAfee Antivirus so I uninstalled/reinstalled that and battery has been great since. I also noticed the sound profile was slightly off. Not really a problem, but I installed Dolby plug-in for Play Music and my sound is great. Phone runs absolutely great now.

                              • jonzey231

                                343. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                                Just uninstall McAfee. Antivirus on Android is completely unnecessary as it


                                • pdpaiste

                                  344. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                                  Hi Marissa,


                                  Thanks for helping us through this. The issues I've noticed are with using the phone as a phone. None of my calls now work as VoLTE. All calls are dumbed down to whatever 3G standard is available. Audio quality is terrible. My messages take minutes to send through. And when on a WiFi call and transferring to LTE, the call drops. This is super important for me to have fixed because I will probably be having a phone interview with a potential employer soon. I've already Reset all Network Settings, Optimized the phone as others have tried, and restarted the phone. Is there anything else I should be trying or is this already a known issue?



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