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    I have a Samsung galaxy s5, I am out of storage, cant upgrade any of my apps, is there an easy fix or do I need to upgrade to a newer device with 64 gb?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: samsung s5 memory

        Hey there! Is all of the memory currently being used for app storage, or do you have a fair amount of media files on your device as well? We've got some tips to manage memory here: Internal storage (ROM): Samsung Galaxy S 5 -- but if you have a substantial gallery; you can free up some space by adding an SD card to your device! Just check out SD card: Samsung Galaxy S 5 for install instructions; and then take a look at SD card & device file transfer for info on moving files from the phone to the SD card.
        I've never done this personally, but based on a quick Google search it does look like the S5 might also be capable of letting you store apps on an SD card as well. Moving Apps To An SD Card On A Samsung Galaxy S5 - SD Card - Apps General Discussion
        Hope this helps! Thanks for posting!

        • tronguy123

          Re: samsung s5 memory

          Had an S5, now using an S8. Marissa is right, though. The S5's 16 GB cab run out pretty easily when you load up on apps, pictures, and videos.

          Putting, say, a 64GB SD card in the thing can help. First off, you can put all the pictures and videos on the SD card. Further, in the camera app it's trivial to rig it to save pictures/videos  to the SD, although if your doing videos, it'll need to be a fast SD.

          Next, you can move some, but not all apps to the SD card. On those that can be moved, some data remains on the built-in memory; most can move to the SD. Waze, for example, will be happy to store all its map programs on the SD card.

          There are two pains associated with this, though. First, you have to go through each app, one at a time in the Settings->apps->particular_app->storage of the app, to find out if the app can be moved, and to do the move. This can take some time if you've got a lot of apps.

          Second, each and every time an app gets updated, you'll have to dive back in there and move the app back to the SD card.

          Finally, if you haven't yet done so, a other way to free up some storage is to clear the temp files. These grow over time and can get to be bigger than a gig or so, a problem on a 16GB box like yours. On Android 6, in the settings area, there's a storage mini-app that can do that.

          Good luck!

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            • captcoolhand

              Re: samsung s5 memory

              Yes, a card would be about all you can do. transfer all photo's and video's to the card and go through your apps, for most but not all, can be transferred to SD card.
              tronnguy123 about summed it all up for ya.

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            • tmo_marissa

              Re: samsung s5 memory

              Hey there, magenta4939275! Just wanted to check back in and see if you'd had a chance to read over the suggestions here. Did you wind up purchasing an SD card? How are things going for you?