Double charged for state and local taxes--What to do?


    T-Mobile is charging me the same "State and local sales tax" 5 times, once at the account level and 4 times at each of the 4 lines level.

    So, for a Plan cost of $105, its charging me $2.90 five times.

    As a result, for a plan cost of $105, the state and local sales taxes are $14.50.

    I am sure they don't pay the state 5 times the tax.

    So are they ripping us off ?

    What can the customer do?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, san7744, and welcome! This is a good question, I'm glad you asked! Tax law requires that taxes be assessed at both the account level and per line; so if I'm reading your post correctly, what you're seeing is accurate as far as the taxes required by law. Local taxes are based on your Primary Place of Use -- which for some folks may vary from the billing address, and there are usually also some additional taxes per line as well -- you can learn more about those here: Fees & taxes.


        Our newer rate plan, T-Mobile ONE, now has taxes included in the overall price -- if you're thinking about making some changes to your account, it might be worth taking a look at T-Mobile ONE™ (Grandfathered) for Phones!