unlock my iphone


    I need to unlock my iphone for Brazil operator

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      • stevetjr

        Re: unlock my iphone

        You must meet the following criteria before T-Mobile will provide an unlock code, one of which is you need to be or have been a T-Mobile US customer.  If you meet the requirements the instructions on how to request it are also included in the link.


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          • alemaoalex

            Re: unlock my iphone

            I'm not a T-Mobile customer I bought this telefoque from a friend here in Brazil, but I need to unlock it

              • stevetjr

                Re: unlock my iphone

                If your friend was the T-Mobile customer and met requirements he would have

                to do it.


                T-Mobile will not unlock it if you don't meet the requirements one of which

                is being a current or former customer.


                Only other option but beware there are lot of scam ones, but look for third

                party on the web to get it unlocked.

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                  • alemaoalex

                    Re: unlock my iphone

                    how do I do to be customers of you, and unlock the device

                      • stevetjr

                        Re: unlock my iphone

                        First this is a user support forum, we are customers but some of us have

                        been here helping for years and/or have been TMO customers for years in my

                        case going on 15.


                        If you are in Brazil there frankly is no way, since to meet the

                        requirements the phone would have to be on the network here for a minimum

                        of 40 days to qualify if you note the requirements. There is the prepaid

                        method with reloads but again if it doesn't hit the T-Mobile network they

                        will never unlock it.

                          • alemaoalex

                            Re: unlock my iphone

                            can see the situation of this device there on T-mobile

                            Iphone 6 IMEI: 359232065259919

                              • stevetjr

                                Re: unlock my iphone

                                Not sure what you mean, they (T-Mobile) won't give you any information on

                                the previous owner or the phone since you aren't the registered purchaser.


                                Only the original T-Mobile customer who purchased it can request the unlock

                                if the device was paid off and met the requirements.


                                The only way someone who purchased it used and then used it as a T-Mobile

                                customer on the T-Mobile network meeting the requirements could probably

                                get it unlocked.


                                As for third party unlocking that is not a condoned practice so no carrier

                                will tell you to do it.  I am a user not a T-Mobile employee and while I

                                will tell you that option is out there I won't provide you with a specific

                                one as just like the carriers won't be responsible if it goes bad.


                                Now outside of being locked there is also blacklisted and if your phone is

                                blacklisted even if you get it unlocked will not work period as all the

                                carriers share blacklisted IMEI numbers. You can check yours using the link