What happens to free line when upgrading to ONE from SCNA?


    Hi, this is my first post.


    I'm thinking of upgrading my plan from SCNA 6GB to Tmobile ONE But I have following concerns which were met with inconsistent answers from T-Force and the Customer Support (Phone):


    1. I have a free line in my current plan. Will I still have it if I upgrade to Tmobile ONE?
      1. Tforce(3 separate CSRs) said yes
      2. Customer Support (phone) said No
    2. My current plan also has a 15% government discount from my university. Will that be carried forward?
      1. Tforce: No
      2. Customer Support( Phone): Unsure. Apparently some people were still getting it.
    3. My university also supports Tmobile Amplified. What happens if I upgrade to that?
      1. Tforce: No free line. Not sure about future free line/device promos
      2. Customer Support(Phone): Unsure about free line. Unsure about future free line/device promos.


    These contradictory information is confusing. Could some please Kindly address these if you know any info or have faced similar issues?




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