Self Service Short Code for Conditional Call Forwarding - No Reply / No Answer Not Working Correctly


    Activating Call Forward No Reply using short code *61* / **61* does not function properly.  Same thing when using alternate short code *004* / **004*.

    The *004* codes are accepted, and it does correctly forward all Conditional Forwards except for the No Answer / No Reply forward condition.  No Answer / No Reply is triggered when you just let the phone ring for an inbound call or if you ignore an inbound call waiting call and let it forward over.  Both short codes forward to the TMO provisioned forward to number regardless of what number the short code said to send it to.  All other Conditional Call Forward codes like *62 and *67 and their deactivation codes are working properly.


    In the case of *61* / **61* (and the associated deactivate short code #61# / ##61#) the network returns and invalid GSM code error.  Support article states **61* is a supported feature and indeed this is an international standard.  But it is not working on my switch / release level.  Additionally, a quick scan of the TMO Community indicates several other customers have reported the same issue - that Conditional Forwarding for No Reply / No Answer cannot be setup using the published short codes.  Please advise.

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