Brand new iPhone 8 Plus stolen by UPS


    on 06/03/2018 y bought a brand new IPhone 8 Plus Red

    TMobile send my a confirmación by email order number xxxxxxxxx

    about 3 day later UPS send my a email with a tracking number with a estimate delivery time 06/07/2018 between 1 pm - 5pm

    on that day y was at home and the UPS driver show up at my door with a packet that was empty

    I inmedelty refused the packet becaus it was empty .

    The Ups driver ask my if there was a  phone inside  because he found it strange that the box had no weight .

    I called t Mobile direct with the information that the Iphone was stolen by UPS.

    the packet was send back to t Mobile and received today at there warehouse

    Now my problem is that y have to wait until T Mobile investigations are finished where the iPhone is .

    why as UPS is to blame for the lost a my IPhone I haved two wait weeks until my money is back or the will ship a new IPhone

    I am not happy with  the slow response with my case

    T Mobile you can due better than this, why we a a customer have to wait so long until you send my a new phone.that is the falt of UPS and no the customer.


    T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request
    Handset Order Reference:  07659453

    Thank you for contacting T-Mobile. The provided return tracking number shows the package is currently 'In Transit' to the warehouse. At this time we are unable to issue an adjustment. Please allow 7 business days after the delivery of the package for the warehouse to process the return and for any necessary credits to be applied to your account.

    Thank You,

    Handset Order Research Department
    T-Mobile USA, Inc.


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      • tmo_amanda

        Hey, magenta5184262!


        Gosh, this isn't the best first impression that we could've made. You're right; this is out of your control, but in the end, you still need a phone. I want to make sure I point you in the right direction so this gets handled ASAP.  At this point, we need the full 7 business days after the package is delivered to our warehouse to investigate the situation. However, I recommend getting in contact with T-Force via Facebook or Twitter to file an escalated handset research form. Can you give that a shot and keep me updated?

        • angeladventures

          To @magenta5184264 & @tmo_amanda,

          I am so happy to have this thread to document & share my SAME experience with you! I work for Marriott International, and I was looking into switching carriers. T-Mobile had a great deal at the time, so I had to call a specified number to get on the "Amplied One" plan for no extra charge. On 6/13 I called and joined T-Mobile. I ordered two of the currently offered BOGO IPhones (a Red 8+ 64 GB & a 8 64GB in Red) I placed the order for $250.00. Delivery via UPS was scheduled for 6/18. I received the package and there was a small tear on the top of a plain brown box. I opened up the package to find two Iphone boxes, all the chargers, even my invoice... but two missing Iphones..... I called T-mobile order hotline first. The first gentleman hung up on me, the second said they would open "an investigation" but did not ask for any tracking numbers, IMEIS, or about blacklisting the devices. He told me it would take 7-10 business days, and that I would get an email and eventually a refund... THANKS! Great welcome to T-mobile experience. So I called UPS, they are worthless as well. I submitted an online claim. I called T-mobile and was transferred to three different departments, and finally was offered a bit of assistance after six hours of phone calls to go to the nearest t-mobile store. Mind you... they shipped me some random numbers and I have no phones, so I cannot access any t-mobile account! I am so furious. I had to dispute the transaction with my credit card company (which I had to call the bank to get approved?) It all just seems like a giant SCAM. Please advice... any help would be great... t-mobile 0 for customer service, and just an all around disappointment. I will be going to the nearest store tomorrow with all the shipped materials including my Equipment and service Agreement, and I will be reporting you to the BBB and if need an arbitration and small claim.