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    Hi there. My bill is higher than it normally is. I have looked online and still don't understand the increase. Any suggestions?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Billing Question

        No one likes a larger bill! Are you able to compare this bill to previous ones to see if there is an increase anywhere?

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Billing Question

          Comparing both bills is a good idea. Were you able to find the charges or specific feature that may have caused the increase?

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Billing Question

            Hi again.


            Just curious if you still need some help figuring out the charges on your bill. Please let us know. Thanks.

            • curiousgeoff

              Re: Billing Question

              Hi Mike,


              I am comparing my current bill to last month's bill, and there is about a $14 difference. According to the platform, it says there is no difference between the bills. The detailed billing is also vague for this month as well, so I'm unable to figure out the line item difference. What am I missing?

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Billing Question

                We wanna help solve this mystery for you. Please let us know if you've made any plan changes.

                • unbiased

                  Re: Billing Question

                  When I log in via Internet Explorer 11, Latest version of Chrome - on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 - Anywhere I try to goto "View Bill" I get a Hang Tight message.  [Main Page "View Bill"; "$ Billing" in Menu Bar; "Account History" - "View Bill."]


                  Whenever I click "Pay Bill" I am taken to the one time payment screen where there is no option to view bill. [Main Page "Pay Bill," the Hang Tight "Pay Bill"]


                  On the Account History page, the download PDF does not do anything... I click it and nothing happens.


                  When I goto Profile, and browse the "Line Settings" - "Permissions" the account I am logged in with reports "Primary Account Holder"


                  When I open the t-mobile app on my iPhone, instead of the App, I am taken to options which ultimately take me to the T-Mobile website with an option at the top to download the same App I have just opened and a message at the bottom to set a Primary Account Holder which from what I can tell is indeed set!


                  It has been this way now for 2x billing cycles.