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    • redoregon

      375. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

      hehe... I was quite surprised to see the very quick response (figured it'd take a while to research and talk to your people), then I was wondering if my brain was wired into an inside source somewhere!

      • renandyar

        376. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

        Hello Marissa,


        After the oreo update, my VOIP calls (tried whatsapp, google DUO) get disconnected pretty often. Sometimes it holds up for 15mins at best. I do my calls while on the road.

        Toggling airplane mode on/off will regain the data connection immediately.

        LTE signal strength always seems good. Never had this issue before the update. Could this be a bug? Like maybe when changing from one cell tower to another..? I don't really know how it works.

        • magenta5085946

          377. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

          Hey Marissa,


          I've been on the Oreo update (through the LG Bridge) for a week or two now.


          I'm not sure if Oreo is causing it but I frequently put my phone into priority or do not disturb mode. Lately it's been automatically turning itself off after a few minutes. Any ideas?



          • tmo_marissa

            378. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

            redoregon I had spent the better part of the day patiently waiting for a meeting where we were going to get final word on the decision and whether or not we could share it. As I was checking my inbox I swear my fingers kept crossing involuntarily! Hahaha.


            renandyar and that's a new one -- are these calls taking place over a route you drive regularly, or is this a new area? Just wondering if we can pinpoint whether the issue is the network or the device. Have you tried any troubleshooting steps -- like a cache wipe, for example -- since updating? It also might not hurt to clear the cache on those particular apps as well (I love Google Duo, we use it to bother my parents with their adorable grandchildren's monologues constantly ).


            magenta5085946, this could be update-related -- sometimes a new update doesn't play nicely with existing settings and a refresh is in order.


            renandyar and magenta5085946, the steps to clear your cache are here: Wipe cache partition: LG V30/V30+. renandyar, the general steps to clear the cache of an individual app (Duo or Whatsapp, etc) are as follows: Settings > Apps > select app in question > tap Storage > Clear Cache. magenta5085946, after the cache clear if issues persist the next step in your situation would be to test this functionality out in Safe Mode to see if your priority/DND mode hangs out a little longer that way. If it does, then there's a third party app overriding the setting somehow, so you'd want to check individual app settings or uninstall apps starting with the most recently added first. Device resets: LG V30/V30+


            The last resort for any hiccups post-update is a Master Reset. Truly, many of our Pillars and Community regulars recommend completing one as best practice after any OS update. But it's labor intensive, so I would definitely try the previous steps mentioned first!

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            • renandyar

              379. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

              Hello @tmo_marissa

              Nothing changed in my commute route. everything was fine before the update. So far, Voip seems fine on WiFI. this could be specific to the LTE connection only.

              I will try to clear cache .

              I do smart cleaning sometimes, maybe once a week if i remember, or sometimes when i feel the device is not performing as smooth.

              If it doesn't work, i'll try to reset the device to factory settings. I'll update you again after a few days of testing.

              • redoregon

                380. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                tmo_marissa - saw a report of a new update rolling out OTA, maybe a security patch update?  Checked the system update on the phone and LG Bridge both and saw nothing... you hear anything?

                • hitherdread

                  381. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                  At first the update was fine. Then I started to get delayed messages and

                  notifications. Then lag on apps. After many resets nothing changed. Finally

                  the phone just got stuck and wouldn't boot. I'm getting a refurbished unit

                  sadly today. Don't know why or what caused it. But this phone was my best

                  one yet with no issues ever at all. Hopefully my refurbished one will be as

                  good as my original.

                  • redoregon

                    382. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                    tmo_marissa you can disregard my query from this morning.  Did some digging, the guy was just now getting his OTA from last month

                    • jonzey231

                      383. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?



                      I have noticed a REALLY annoying bug on my V30 since the Oreo update. Whenever I'm casting anything at all, I can not control my phone volume with the rocker switches. It defaults to the volume of the cast receiver and doesn't display the volume slider on the screen to allow you to override it. You're just blindly turning the TV up.


                      And another issue, which may be related, the phone also severely struggles go find the cast receiver I want. I very regularly have to reboot my phone, disconnect/reconnect wifi, restart apps, etc to get the phone to find the TV or Google Homes. I've went so far that I even made my 5ghz network dedicated for casting and it still doesn't help.


                      Thanks in advance!

                      • aprildawne

                        384. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                        I'm having the same problem with the volume key only affecting the device I am casting to, and not getting the volume slider any more so I can adjust volume for ringtone etc. Really annoying.

                        • jonzey231

                          385. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                          Glad to hear I'm not the only one. Anyone else?

                          • ninwiito

                            386. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                            Every since the update my phone been taking longer than usual to. send messages or doesnt send at all.

                            • ivrygrl320

                              387. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                              aprildawne I just updated and had the same problem. In my notification bar is the Exchange icon and it won't go away. If i tap on it I get the message: "Exchange is using battery". I do have MS Exchange on my phone but could not find a way to toggle this off.


                              Not sure if you resolved this issue but I was able to turn it off by doing the following steps:

                              - Settings

                              -Apps & Notifications

                              -App info

                              - tap the 3 dot menu on top right > choose Show system > scroll down

                              -Android system

                              -App notifications

                              -toggle OFF the "Apps consuming battery"

                              • renandyar

                                388. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                                tmo_marissa Hello Marissa,


                                My daily use of VOIP is still getting lots disconnections, this morning has been really bad. My data gets disconnected every 3-5 minutes. Had to toggle on/off airplane mode to activate the data again.


                                I tried all your suggestions except a factory reset. I may have to resort to this last option soon.

                                • jonzey231

                                  389. Re: Oreo update for the  LG V30?

                                  Definitely try the reset. My brother finally reset his last week after

                                  being stubborn about it and he said all of his issues have subsided.

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