Is the delayed Orea Update a deal breaker?


    I've had my Samsung Galaxy S7 for almost a year and a half now. T-Mobile, who likes to claim they are better than the other major carriers, have inexplicably lagged way behind in updating not only the Samsung devices to Oreo, but I've noticed this trend with a few of the LG devices as well. With this in mind, and with the security of my device as one of my main priorities - next to reliable coverage and signal - I can honestly say that once this phone is paid off and I'm looking to upgrade, I'm going to be a bit hesitant in picking a phone - any phone - from the T-Mobile network, given how incredibly slow this update process has been. Without details on what is going on behind the scenes, I can only guess one of two things is happening: 1) T-Mobile is making lengthy additions to the Operating System or 2) Their software and development testing team is terribly understaffed or without experience. Given that the other carriers pushed their updates out within days of Samsung fixing their mistake in the UK, I can only wonder why it's taken T-Mobile, and only T-Mobile, so long to release an update that is long over due.


    TLDR: Having waited nearly a month longer than phones on other carriers, this delay with the software update to Oreo, and the lack of communication in between, has been a near dealbreaker for me, and I will seriously consider other major carriers when it's time for my upgrade.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        My guess is it has something to do with WiFi Calling, which is a major advertising / selling point from T-Mobile.


        If someone purchased a T-Mobile phone and it was advertised as WiFi Calling and that feature is broken in an update, you'd have a lot of very unhappy people.


        Based on the company I work for now (and those in the past), I would guess the testing team isn't a large team, so they have to prioritize which devices they test and when.  T-Mobile carries a lot of devices they have to test updates for.


        If you purchase a carrier-free device (I have one currently), the carriers don't particularly have any say on the testing, so if WiFi Calling doesn't work, T-Mobile's only recourse is "Sorry, it's not a T-Mobile phone. We know it worked before, but not now, so you'll have to take it up with the manufacturer."

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          Hey jarednthomas


          I really appreciate you posting to our community. I know the waiting game is not anyone's favorite game to play but the truth of the matter is that we want to ensure the update is perfect and does not cause more problems than it is worth. As you can see from other posts in the community, this topic has come up quite frequently and we are definitely aware of the demand, we hear you and it is coming.


          Since there is already multiple threads on this topic, I will be locking this thread so that any additional comments can be directed to a single thread.


          When will the galaxy s7 get android 8.0 oreo update?