How a loyal customer is treated after 14+ years!!!


    After 14 years of being a “loyal” customer with Tmobile, my cell phone service was suspended. My bill tripled in 2 months (April and May $1100) because my daughter was in Australia and I didn’t know we were charged for International calls. I paid $700 and extended the balance 2 times (due June 29th) but I didn’t receive my pay check. I asked the supervisor to give me one more day “Monday July 2nd” to follow up on my paycheck because they are closed for the weekend, “one more day” that’s all I needed, but she didn’t care... wow 14 years and this us how a loyal customer is treated.. I will pay his bill in full, but I will “NEVER” return as a customer... Hello AT&T!!! BTW I am posting this to all of my social media account!!


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