Samsung Messages Bugs With the RCS /Advanced Messg Update on T-Mo - Premature Sending, Wrong thread


    The Samsung Messaging has become VERY BUGGY after the RCS / Advanced Messagin Update on T-Mobile:


    1. Scheduled Messages are sent prematurely

    2. Scheduled text Messages end up in WRONG threads

    3. Messaging incorrectly displays scheduled messages as "sent" when, in fact, the other party has not received them.


    All of these errors are new since RCS Messaging was enabled and occurs with the SCHEDULED TEXT feature.


    Troubleshooting steps already attempted:


    1. Toggled Automatic Date and Time
    2. Run Device Maintenance from Settings

    3. Cleared Cache from recovery

    4. Cleared Samsung Messages Cache

    5. Cleared Samsung Messages Data

    6. Deleted ALL MESSAGES

    7. Uninstalled Samsung Messages from ADB / USB Debug

    8. Reinstalled the latest Samsung Messages apk(Version


    My device info:




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