Came from at&t with my S& Edge and LTE is horrible sometimes.


    I switched from AT&T and had my S7 Edge unlocked. Lots of times when I do a speed test it's like 1mb down and .25 up (1/4 of a mb). There are times where it's 50 down and 5 or 6 up, but right now it's 1 down and it won't even do upload. I've flashed the phone over to the TMobile Orea rom from Sammobile, but that didn't change anything. In my room at my house (not a giant room) I've gotten super slow speeds and 50 down 4 up (looks like Band 2 is slow and maybe band 4 is fast). Checking the coverage map, my house is in the darkest pink there is. What can I do to get a better, more stable LTE experience?Screenshot_20180706-145857_Speedtest.jpgScreenshot_20180706-145912_LTE Discovery.jpg

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