Unable to list for sale fully paid and unlocked iPhone 8 purchased through Tmobile.


    I had financed an iPhone 8 through T mobile. I upgraded to the iPhone X recently and chose to pay off the iPhone 8 in full and sell it on Swappa. I received the unlock instructions and upon connecting to iTunes I was shown that the device has been successfully unlocked. However, upon listing my device on Swappa I receive a message from them that the device still shows an outstanding balance on TMobile IMEI Check website. I contacted customer service and spent nearly 6 hrs with them and also went to the store. No one really helped me. The store associate took a print out of my own account showing that the iPhone 8 has been paid early and closed off. I sent this to swappa however they still insist that the T Mobile IMEI Checker website must show the same. I do not know what to do now as even the Tmobile representatives are unable to help me.

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