Distorted voice, delayed texts, calls going to voicemail. Please, somebody help me!


    I have been an AT&T customer for 9 years, and had a family-talk plan with 4 lines. I decided to switch to T-Mobile last week for the cost-savings. I ported over my numbers, paid-off my devices, and am now using T-Mobile ONE plan with 4 lines on my unlocked AT&T devices. However, I feel like I have made a huge-mistake because my initial experience thus far has been incredibly frustrating. Since I activated my account, I have frequently experienced the following issues:


    1) Distorted voice during calls;

    2) Delayed text-messages (both sending and receiving); and

    3) Incoming calls going straight to voicemail.


    I have spent several hours talking to customer-service agents, who have made me perform a number of steps such as restarting the devices, resetting all network settings, resetting devices, etc. But none of this seems to work. It is worth mentioning here that all the lines have strong coverage (4-5 bars), yet the issues persist. There is no pattern to the timing and location of the issues. These issues start emerging randomly.


    If this is the quality of T-Mobile service, I am bitterly disappointed and resentful at going through the hassle of porting over my numbers to T-Mobile, and giving up on the absolutely perfect service experience I had with AT&T.


    Can somebody please help me resolve these issues, because customer service can't seem to.

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