no data error, not connected error, missed calls and texts


    I have 2 samsung S8 phones and a Tmobile REVVL. First off, the REVVL works just fine with no issues to date (knock on wood). the S8s have been nothing but problems. for months now my wife and I have been battaling with our phone losing connection to Tmobile server, unable to register, or other phone errors typically all night long going in and out. I have contacted tech support numerous times with no completed fix. phones will connect to internet and apps without any error but we will not receive calls or texts. Whether we are using data or wifi it makes no difference. Currently the only "fix" is restarting the phones multiple times throughout the day then we receive all calls, voicemails, and texts that we missed without any knowledge. This issue has caused me many jobs, missed appointments, and important military calls. I am thinking this is a phone specific issue since my sons REVVL does not have these issues. Anyone else having this problem, found a resolution that actually works longer than 12 hours?? I left sprint because of bad coverage but at least I received my calls, texts, and voicemails. Until this is finally resolved I will continue to discourage all military friends, family, peers, and subordinates away from T-mobile.

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