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    I've been two weeks ago on T-Mobile and bought an S9+ Unlock, arrived in Brazil and went to use the phone, but is not working. What can i do?

    I bought an unlocked phone, i paid for an unlocked phone.



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Unlock S9+ Brazil

        Hey, magenta5474049! I'm sorry you're going through this. We've seen our share of similar posts in the Community, and from what many of our knowledgeable Community members have explained, this is something that can happen with iOS devices -- they lock to the network you activate them with.
        In this situation, a traditional request to Unlock your mobile wireless device will likely be returned with a decline email, because it sounds like you haven't had the opportunity to satisfy the usage requirements. However, if you purchased a factory unlocked device from Apple, then an internal team should be able to file a standard unlock request and send something called an Unlock Escalation email to an offline team that can help. Just to prepare you -- since T-Mobile doesn't retail unlocked devices, the IMEI for your phone will not be in our database, so in some instances a proof of purchase is required -- but essentially this process will allow an offline expert to work directly with Apple to confirm that the phone was purchased as factory unlocked and return it to that state.
        If you're active on social media, I'd recommend contacting our T-Force team on Twitter or Facebook. In those channels we have a secure platform to verify your account with us and complete this request and escalation process. You're welcome to link to this thread since you've already explained your situation!

          • miket

            Re: Unlock S9+ Brazil

            Sounds like you have a Samsung S9+.  Since  TM does not sell unlocked phones from Samsung (or anyone else?) - you must have bought it from a 3rd party.   You have to be a TM  customer to get it unlocked.  

              Who did you buy the phone from?  Was it new or used?

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              • tmo_marissa

                Re: Unlock S9+ Brazil

                Great catch, miket, thank you so much. I honestly read through the symptom's of the OP's situation and totally missed the device type!


                magenta5474049 -- I'm sorry for that miss; it does make the situation slightly different as an unlocked Android device shouldn't behave this way. If you still have questions, please let us know where you purchased your phone and whether it was new or used! Thank you!