Where did my Custom contact sounds go!?


    My S7 just updated to Oreo 8.0.0 and now all my custom contact notification sounds have gone! I know that they had made a change in the messages app to be able to customize the sound, as I found it for a friend who just got an S9, but it's nowhere to be found on my phone! I do not want to get a new phone right now, so I'm a little more than pissed because like many, I had sounds for specific people to know who was messaging me without having to look. When is this going to be fixed!?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Where did my Custom contact sounds go!?

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        Welcome to our Support Community! This has been a hot topic and a feature that most Android users utilize. The change to custom notifications is due to the Oreo update. You'll see a good amount of users on our Support Community chatting about it: s9+ Ringtones and Notifications by Contact Contact notifications You'll want to contact Samsung to provide your feedback directly to them as they are the device manufacturer. From looking at other posts, the only way to work around this until a future update is rolled out (that'll hopefully include custom notifications) is to utilize a third-party messaging app.

          • nuggetthebeagle

            I'm upset with the same issue & an not into using 3rd party messaging apps especially since installing any app at this point has become a storage issue. My question for you is this feature gone across the board on Samsung Galaxy devices with the Oreo OS all together?? So if I was to purchase a Galaxy S9, I still wouldn't have this features in the stock text messaging app? It was something I could personalize under each contact if I just went in to edit it? Also, I noticed they kept the option to customize the vibration tone for each contact... hope is that a better feature than the notification tone being customized since there's only maybe 5 different vibrating patterns & those aren't going to help me identify who's texting me or doing anything, why was that feature untouched but yet a feature that worked & was being used obviously by a large portion of customers was removed completely? You mentioned we need to reach out to Samsung about this feature being removed... but can you help point me in the correct direction at least please & also answer my main question please: Was this feature removed from all Samsung Galaxy devices including the S9 in the stock messaging app please? & is this something that goes across providers as well with the Galaxy S7 with the latest Oreo update in July, 2018 please?

            • nuggetthebeagle

              Is there a 3rd party app you could recommend other than Facebook Messenger please where I can customize my contacts notification sounds please

                • magentatechie

                  Hey there! I'm sorry it looks like no one got to your last post so I'll just let you know that I have an LG G6 with Oreo and I don't have the option for individual notification ringtones either.  As far as a 3rd party messaging app, Textra is pretty popular and allows for individual contact notification sounds.

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