Told temporary unlock available 3 times by phone and 1 email - still fails


    I've been told three times that I should be good to temporary unlock my wife's phone within 24 hours and even received an email saying it qualified for a temporary unlock. It just keeps failing and time is running out. What should I do?


    The only reason I'm doing this is because T-Mobile has awful service drop outs right in southern illinois where i'll be later in the week. 5 days without access is not great. I'm going to use AT&T SIM cards for 5 days while I'm there. Again, entirely T-Mobile's fault for not working where AT&T GSM is thriving while also being upstaged by the other CDMA networks.


    My phone is paid off and it fully unlocked right away. I'm trying to TEMPORARY unlock my wife's phone which is a couple hundred dollars short. 3 people over the phone confirmed it should work in 24-48 hours and that was days ago. I got a confirmation text on her phone saying it was being processed and good to go soon. This morning I got an email saying it qualified and should be good to unlock. Nothing but fail after fail.

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