LG V30 Oreo upgrade success


    Lots of discussions about problems -- wanted to share what I did as my upgrade went well. Battery life, which was good under "N", is even better. No Bluetooth problems. Occasional issues with Android Auto, but actually fewer than I was experiencing before. How's how I did it:

    • Upgraded all apps via Google Play store to the latest version.
    • Installed the first Oreo update which bought me to H93220h
      • Since this was an upgrade, all of my apps were still there.
    • I Installed the second Oreo update which bought me to H93220j
    • I then did a reset to factory defaults, logged in and let it restore my "google" backup.
      • This restored all of my apps and a subset of my settings.
      • Many of the apps were restore already configured. Some where not.
      • I then spent an hour or so signing into and re-configuring apps that didn't auto-restore.
    • In the first two days I was having severe battery drain issues. Based on some postings, I did the following:
      • Uninstalled or disabled the following apps:
        • All Facebook apps
        • Various LG apps except "LG mobile switch launcher"
        • Google Duo.
      • I turned off WiFi scanning. This is the feature that notifies you "A WiFi network is available -- do you want to connect?"
      • Battery is better than ever -- 70% - 80% left after 9-11 hours, depending on usage. I've seen periods of  under 1.5 percentage points of batter usage per hour.
    • On day 6 I hit some wifi problems. I cleared the cache and problem was resolved.

    Everything is good. To be honest, I don't know if that last step was why battery drain got better after a few days, or if there was some one-time background processing going on associated with the Oreo install.