Galaxy S7 headphone doesn't work properly after oreo update


    Hello Folks,


    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 that updated to Oreo a few days ago. I noticed that immediately after the update the headphones that came with the phone no longer work properly. They are the white headphones with a mic and three buttons.


    Here are a list of issues that I've noticed since the Oreo update:


    1. The mic will not work when answering a call

    2. When listening to music/podcast the volume buttons do not work

    3. When listening to music/podcast the pause button does not work


    I've looked online at several forums and this seems to be a common occurrence but there's no definitive answer yet.

    So far I've cleared the cache partitions, rebooted, partially inserted the headphone jack, etc. and nothing is working.


    Anyone else have a cure? I'd rather not do a factory reset.

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