Making changes to old Friends and Fam 2 Lines on Us promo?


    Hi all. I have the old Friends and Fam 2 Lines on us promo on my account, with both free lines on mobile internet plans (SC NAmerica MI 6GB). I'm wondering if it's possible to change one of the lines to a voice line without affecting the promo? My base plan is SC NA UTT+10GB each 2 Lines for $100/mo. Thanks.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        That's a good question. Since this is a grandfathered plan, odds are the voice version of these plans wouldn't be available to switch over to. I'd suggest you Contact Us and get in touch with our Care folks to go over your account before changing it to something different.

        • magenta929420

          ive been having issues  with my free two lines and no one is willing to help its costing me a few hundred dollars a years so I'm thinking about leaving tmobile and going to a different carrier. I have tried to reach out to tmobile many times and they won't help me and i have tried to get a business care professional that would be dedicated to my account and although i have applied for one many times i have not got any assistance with my situation. Ive have decide to move both of my accounts to a cheaper services i have a total of 17 lines but because tmobile isn't living up to there agreement and the customer service i have be getting is really helping i rather go somewhere else. I am currently exploring my options with smaller carriers.