LG K20 Plus excessive battery drain even when idle


    My LG K20 Plus drains at about 0.36% per minute, so the battery only lasts 4-6 hours on standby. What could be wrong? Here's what I tried:


    • Bought a new battery which successfully charges to 100%.
    • Did a factory data reset. So there's no suspicious apps.
    • Turned on airplane mode. So it can't be cell-signal related.
    • Turned off location. So it can't be GPS related.
    • Turned of sync. So it isn't background syncing.
    • I don't use the phone at all, so the problem can't be use related.
    • Restarted.


    The phone does feel hot near the top back even though I'm not using it. So much stuff is disabled and there's basically nothing on the phone, but it still drains at a very fast rate. What can be done?



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