Slow Data Speeds in Springfield VA 22150


    Springfield Virginia 22150 Area code especially around Commerce Av and Oldkeen Mill Rd in Springfield Plaza and down the road at Springfield Towncenter. I can`t seem to get more then 2mps down almost every time I am in the area. I have 3 different Android based phones and they all get the same speed test. I live up the road about one mile and I can get 50-70 meg all the time. Is there some application I can use to see what band I am on etc?  It would be nice to get same speeds in this area as my house.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Are you talking about speeds inside the mall? If that's the case, you may be getting only a band-12 signal indoors. Having only band-12 cuts your data capacity by about 80% and you'd be competing with any other customers inside the mall for that capacity. If you step out the north or south entrances of Springfield Town Center and run a speed test while standing outside, you'll get a better idea of the available speed. 


        Check your phones' specs and see if they have 3CA (3 band Carrier Aggregation), particularly with band-12 and bands 2 & 4. This can help indoor data speeds.