Why am I being told an update is available everytime I turn on my phone?


    I am on the Pay-As-You-Go plan and have a Galaxy ON5 phone.  I do not have a data plan.


    Almost every time I turn on the phone, I get a message from T-Mobile saying that an update is available; when I click on the update, however, I always get a message saying "Unfortunately the T-Mobile App is not available at this time due to technical difficulties.  Please try back later".  I get the same message when I click on the T-Mobile icon.


    Also, when I'm on my phone and I go to "About device" --> "Download updates manually" and click on it, I'm informed that "The device is up to date".


    Lastly, I did find a webpage that says the Galaxy ON5 is no longer receiving software updates, but then why am I getting a message that an update is available? 

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