Buying a Sim card online?


    Buying a prepaid sim card from Australia. Thanks

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Buying a Sim card online?

        Last time I checked, T-Mobile doesn't ship SIMs to non-USA addresses.


        This is one reason I carry a spare, unactivated SIM when I travel outside the USA.

        • barcodeable

          Re: Buying a Sim card online?

          THere may be places online that sell t-mobile simcards

          but be careful as these places are not authorized tmobile resellers. T-mobile pulled all of their simcards from BestBuy, Kmart, Walmart, etc a couple of years ago and they are not available in these stores anymore due to T-Mobile selling them directly.


          I have 2 simcards that are not due to expire until 2020.

          But if you buy one online, try and ask for the expiration date of the card and if the simcard has the 3 in 1 package. so the simcard will fit whatever size you need.