forgot the sim card number


    My friend gave me his sim card to use while my trip in USA. The expiration date is on 21.12.2019, but he does not remember the number of the sim card, that's why I can't recharge the balance. Where should I apply?

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      • dc5fan

        Re: forgot the sim card number

        Since your friend is the owner of the SIM card he needs to contact Customer Care (611) and tell a rep what he needs. There is a T-Force that uses Facebook and Twitter (social media) for help. Your friend will need to give some info that is in his account. If this isn't right please reply so that someone could offer better help.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: forgot the sim card number

          You've got some super helpful info from our fellow members. Did you have any additional questions about the SIM card?