Issue Coming to T-mobile from Sprint


    So my wife and recently decided to switch from Sprint to T-Mobile to save some money under the military plan.


    I finally received my Note 8 and 4 sim cards in the mail yesterday. After over 3 hours on the phone with multiple agents I am still unable to get my Note 8 activated or even connected to a T-Mobile network.


    I am the only one on my plan getting a new phone, everyone else is bringing their phone from Sprint and I haven't even attempted to get theirs activated due to the hassle it has been getting mine activated.


    I have attempted to chat with a rep (since I am now at work so I can't be on the phone) but because my phone is still not active I can't receive the DIGITS confirmation text


    Can anyone help?!!

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Issue Coming to T-mobile from Sprint

        "Activated" takes in a lot of ground. Is there an issue getting a T-Mobile signal? Porting your number from Sprint? Powering up the phone? More details are needed before any of us can provide any advice.

          • timreams

            Re: Issue Coming to T-mobile from Sprint

            Sorry about that.


            The reps on the phone confirmed that the SIM and IMEI matched and were in the system, and that my number port from Sprint was not an issue but the phone will not connect to ANY carrier networks. and if I attempt to call 611 with wifi i get a pop up saying Not Registered on Network. Though I am starting to wonder if the number port worked because I can still make and receive calls on my Sprint phone.

          • timreams

            Re: Issue Coming to T-mobile from Sprint

            Thanks everyone for the assistance! During my lunch break I went to a store and they had me working in less than 10min, apparently there was something wrong with the SIM card. They replaced it and everything started working.


            Just need to wait for my number port to complete now.