Constant "No voice/data service" since update while on Wi-Fi.


    Ever since my LG G6 got its latest software udpate about 2 weeks ago, when I am on Wi-Fi I get the ! Triangle with "No voice Serve / No Data service" popups almost every 5 minutes.  It only shows up for a split second, but that split second is enough to vibrate my phone and, when the sound is on, give me the notification "ding".  If I had hair I would be ripping it out. This is unacceptable.  I cant leave my phones volume on otherwise I hear fake blings every 5 minutes, and if I mute it I i obviously wouldnt hear any phone calls at all, thus defeating the purpose of having a phone in the first place.


    Its not like my home wifi is having packet loss issues or anything - I have Fiber internet.  Whats the fix to stop these pop ups?  I have even been quick enough to slide the notification to the right, get the gear, and turn the notifications off before they vanished, but surprise surprise, that did absolutely nothing.  The latest update has just made my phone an obnoxious sound machine.

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