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Poor signal reception but T-mobile Map claims otherwise.


    I'm in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale/West Palm Beach Florida network market, but I'm getting lied to on the coverage map as well. Because there's places that said I should have excellent coverage but I have no service at all.


    For example in Miami-Dade County for the main criminal Courthouse, T-Mobile claims that they have excellent service(when looking at the coverage map and typing in the full address of the courthouse). But when I'm there I get no service at all, and I actually have to go outside of the courthouse in order to get any type of signal. But Sprint gets really good service all over the courthouse, including in the elevator. Then Verizon gets marginal spotty service, where some of the building you get no service and some of the building you get low and slow but usable service. The reason I mention this is because you are known to get good inside service, that means there is some type of indoor service I can get with other carriers. So you should be able to get some type of service as well, and even be better because your network is also built for indoors. This is my place of work, and I frequent it every weekday. So I would like to have some type of service in the building.


    But what puts the cherry on top is that they have to go in lie about service being excellent. Mind you this is also a big area as 1-2 minutes real time driving from the courthouse(probbly going off the same tower), is the Miami Marlins MLB stadium. Then there is also a major hospital a few blocks away, that's affiliated with the University of Miami Medical. So I mean this is a big area too so I would think the service would be much better in general for that area.

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      • dragon1562

        I got a few questions to get a better idea of the situation. For starters what device are you using? Did you bring your own device or is it from T-mobile? Does anyone else have T-mobile and can get service inside? Whats service like outside does it work then?


        Also I wanted to point out that T-mobile as well as any other carrier is not responsible for service inside buildings. Coverage maps are just a estimation/prediction of what service should be like based on a combination of factors. Carriers are usually generous about the coverage so using crowd sourced data can be pretty helpful for getting the real scoop. Also despite what you have heard T-mobile is not the best carrier for indoor coverage. The bulk of their currently deployed network is still made up of bands 2(1900mhz) and 4(2100mhz). These bands great for data but horrible for indoor coverage. Band 12(700mhz) is great but you need a device that supports it to take advantage which is why I'm asking what device you currently use.


        Hope this info helps and I'll do my best to make the situation better for you.


        Also if there is wifi there you can set up wifi calling which will allow you to place calls and receive texts when inside even without a T-mobile service.

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          • am321

            Sorry I did not get back to you sooner. But to be honest I I know all this already, and I already factored this in on my Galaxy S8, and I plan to upgrade to the S9+. It just a different coverage map, even for my home. Look at my account from November of last year untill today and you'll see a lot of stuff. Even your corporate office is involed in this now.

          • tmo_marissa

            Hey, am321! Just wanted to check in here and see how you're doing. dragon1562 made some good points about the various LTE bands we operate and how equipment can play a big role in the service you receive, especially indoors. What type of phone are you using?


            - Marissa

            • tmo_marissa

              Hi again, and Happy New Year! Just wanted to check back in here and see if you still had questions! We'd love to know a little more about your device so that we can see what compatibility we'd expect in this general area. Thank you!

              • 889399488

                T-Mobile map has still not been updated to note that Boeing blocks T-Mobile signal as the T-Moblile sales rep team and manager have confirmed.  Now I have to return my phone and move to ATT or "V" since that is what Boeing uses and they are not blocked and get excellent internet coverage from those two carriers in the buildings even without windows.


                T-Mobile should stop wasting everyone's time and money and just be up front in Boeing areas to ask people if they work at Boeing and if so tell them they will not get service at Boeing locations inside at all like Boeing Everett and Bellevue.  I have confirmed as well over a two week period side by side with Verizon and ATT users they can stream 780P videos and I get nothing. No internet service, texts, email, updates or nothing unless you go out side.  I was really excited about T-M but now I cant trust them because they knew I was from Boeing and were unethical by not stating, BTW you will get no indoor service most likely because Boeing blocks our signal in the buildings.