Adding data to an old prepaid plan. Options?


    I have been using a 15$/month prepaid plan since 2010 ($15 UL Text with $0.10/min - $15/month). Every once in a while I need data/mobile internet while I'm away from home (e.g. Uber/Lyft apps). Though I don't want to give up my prepaid plan, I wonder what are the options to have data/mobile internet added to this plan. Thanks for your help.

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there! You sure have been around for a while!  I did some digging on the type of plan you're currently on and unfortunately, didn't see any option to add a data feature to this particular plan.  I'm also not sure about the availability/compatibility of data passes for this type of plan.  Now, there is the possibility that I'm overlooking something or there is a legacy feature that I'm not able to find.  I know you aren't keen to lose your grandfathered plan, but if you want to add data, this may be your only choice.  I would definitely recommend reaching out to 611 or T-Force to explore your options.