Can i get a refund back for my prepaid service that I cancelled..


    My family member recently wanted to switch from verzion wireless  prepaid  to tmobile wireless prepaid. Well the rep messed up the account number over the phone, so when they sent the sim card (keep in mind the sim card was waived for free if he paid for the service, which was 30 bucks), it was already activated, but it was the wrong account number. The account number was his cell phone number instead of what it was supposed to be..


    He was without a phone because they could not detect the problem, which i thought was weird. So He  just said cancelled the number transfer porting because he  cant be without a phone. However, hes been talking to reps and they said he cant get his money back. This does not sound right, if the service didn't go through because of their issue. He's been on hold for three hours up to a time, its frustrating.


    He also still has a used sim card and its still coming up under his number..

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      • gramps28

        Per Tmobile's terms and conditions prepaid service is non refundable.

        • snn555

          I may be a little confused. If they switched from Verizon prepaid to T-Mobile prepaid the prepaid account number is the cell phone number.


          Now the information that Verizon requires may vary as to what it used to be. I don't remember if Verizon's prepaid account numbers were the actual accounts phone number or not it's been years since I had a Verizon prepaid plan.


          also keep in mind that it can take two or three days for Verizon to fully Port over a prepaid or even postpaid account/number to another carrier.


          Also worth mentioning is that most everybody when they Port over to T-Mobile as a new customer and keeping their previous number gets a temporary phone number until the port is actually complete.


          I cannot say with certainty how a pre-activated Sim would work as it may not have the permanent ported number assigned to it and or it might do that after the temporary number is no longer needed that the permanent number is just a server-side AKA TMobile side switch change.

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            • chrisw321

              Hey, yes you are correct, He does do that exact function when it comes to prepaid, but the porting was taking forever and the Rep over the phone messed up my account number. It was weird because he could call out, but i couldn't receive calls on the sim card. I don't know how this happen? He also called twice and got the run around..


              The prepaid department is horrible!!!


              He said that he was unsatisfied with the service...

            • snn555

              it sounds like you're doing a lot of work for your friend in this matter so I'm wondering if maybe T-Mobile reps maybe got your information from you if you called them and they used your number as reference to the account.


              you say they messed up your account number but he was the one getting the service switched from Verizon to T-Mobile. So I'm guessing this was just a mistake of TMobile thinking you had something to do with the account when it was just you calling for your friend.


              also unless I'm mistaken prepaid is a single line and you can't have more than one line on a prepaid account.


              kind of sounds like your friend should have handled their account on their own and maybe you should not have intervened.