Help with Carrier Freedom. We were never able to follow the instructions...

    We switched to TMobile a few months back, and one of the main reasons we made that decision was the "carrier freedom" offer they have, on top of allegedly offering a better service overall.


    After calling many times and attempting to log in to our account, I was finally able to get to the page where you can initiate the "Carrier Freedom" process. Unfortunately, when I got there and started the process, I received the following message:


    Your Reimbursement was not submitted within the valid promotion dates as required by the Reimbursement offer's terms. Reimbursement forms must be submitted within two calendar months of activation to qualify.


    I really need T-Mobile to make an exception and help us out with this. This is costing us over $1,000 on fees, etc owned to Verizon Wireless for terminating the phone plans prior to these devices being paid in full.



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