Note 5 Warranty Exchange issues


    I have a Note 5 (replacement device) that I got from Assurant back in April 25th 2018. Yesterday, the phone stopped working completely and will not power on. I went to my local T-mobile store and they could not get it to power on either. It was determined that this a mechanical issue with the phone. We checked my account and saw that it indicated that my warranty expired on July 25th, HOWEVER, Assurant says that there is a 180-day warranty on the mechanical breakdown of the phone and there are 62 days left on the warranty.


    I have been on the phone with TMobile today FOUR TIMES and they keep saying that the warranty is expired. When I called Assurant again (twice today) they told that I should speak to Warranty Exchange to process the warranty. Customer Care reps don't seem to know that Warranty Exchange exists, and they insist on repeating the same thing over and over that the warranty is expired (based on what they see on their screen.) Assurant said explicitly, not to speak to Customer Care. So for the last six hours and I have been trying to get my phone replaced, but I can't because T Mobile reps are not seeing what Assurant is telling me.


    I have actually been on hold now (for 15 mins this call) for the fifth time attempting the get to the right department to help me out. I actually don't mind being on hold with this rep because they arent simply repeating their lines from a script. And i didn't have to repeat my problem 3-4 times because of language comprehension issues. But let's not focus on that now.
    Right now, I just want my phone replaced.
    I hoping that starting this discussion will help point me in the right direction since i have seen others have success using this method.
    Other details: This is a not an accidental damage issue. The phone has no physical defects. The phone does not power on at all.
    I appreciate any and all help in this matter guys!!
    Thanks in advance and have a great day!!
    PS. Unrelated: I could not get the Italics to turn off LOL!!

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      • jmfahnnbulleh

        Re: Note 5 Warranty Exchange issues

        After being on hold for 35 minutes the call dropped. My frustration builds and continues...

        • jmfahnnbulleh

          Re: Note 5 Warranty Exchange issues

          Sooo....., I called back again and just as AGT ended tonight, someone at T Mobile finally called Assurant to verify that I, in fact, DO have a 180-day warranty on my phone which expires in November 2018. He said to go into the store tomorrow to process the warranty exchange. If they have any issues, he told me to have them call T Mobile to process the exchange manually!!!


          I forgot to get his name because after being on the phone for about 8 hrs today, he took the extra steps to figure out how to make me a satisfied customer!!


          I'll update you guys tomorrow.




          • jmfahnnbulleh

            Re: Note 5 Warranty Exchange issues



            CAN ANYONE HELP ME HERE???



              • magenta5929602

                Re: Note 5 Warranty Exchange issues

                As a former store employee, I can tell you you're wasting time by going into the store. Not because they don't want to help, but because the store level employees like I was, are expendable and easily replaced by the company and have zero power to do anything that the system won't let you do.


                This has be done with CS. I agree with you completely, this is ridiculously aggravating to me. (I hated sales but enjoyed helping people)


                So my advice is two things, try in this order. Call CS retention department, cause let's be honest this is a retention issue at this point. They have the most power to fix things. And if you have to, tell them that you will be calling on a 3 way call with Assurant and they will hopefully get that fixed from tgere.


                Secondly, if all else fails, just add, or ask CS service to add insurance to your line and once that's there, you'll be able to make a WARRANTY claim easily. Make sure they verify the IMEI of your current phone cause if it's wrong you will be having more issues getting an exhange- and yes, they can easily update the imei.


                The second option isn't technically the *right* way to do things, but it's a way around it, but neither is the constant toss around of your issue so IMO it's ok.


                Also, please keep in mind, you will not be able to file a damage or theft claim, only a warranty exchange at this point. (Assurant will deny the claim because it was added after)


                Lastly, it's 20 bucks warranty fee with regular shipping cause you don't have insurance. It's 5.41 if you do, with free overnight shipping.

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              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Note 5 Warranty Exchange issues



                Sorry this hasn't gone smoother for you. I'm sure we can help clear this up so you don't have to spend more time getting this resolved. Have you tried reaching out to our T-Force team? They're great social media expert group that can help sort out what's going on with your warranty. You can reach them by using the FB or Twitter links in my badge or on our Contact Us page. Please give them a holler when you get the chance.

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