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    I am planning to visit New York and New Jersey in late Sepetmeber and T mobile tourist plan looks fine as per my mobility requirement. Can you help me to understand the documents required to buy t mobile tourist sim? Also, does cost of $30 includes first time sim cost also or I will have to pay extra for first time sim starter kit

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Tourist Plan details

        According to this document, the SIM is included in the price of the Tourist plan.

        I would assume that your passport would be all the ID you'd need.


        What unlocked phone do you plan on using? In the NY-NJ market, it needs to have LTE on band 2 or 4 or UMTS band 4 to work acceptably. In this market, GSM has been depreciated down to a few channels running in the LTE guard-bands and UMTS has been kicked up to an odd 5 MHz block in band 4. GSM will be just about unusable and UMTS will be very slow.

          • kunalchoudhary27

            Re: Tourist Plan details

            I read some users complaining about store aaking for additional $10 dollar

            for sim activation and wanted to double check on the total cost.


            I am planning to use my unlocked iphone 7. Will that work fine?

              • drnewcomb2

                Re: Tourist Plan details

                iPhone 7 should work great.  I don't know anything about any additional charges. If someone goes into a store and doesn't know how to open the SIM slot, they might get charged a fee to set things up, particularly at an agency, rather than a corporate store. I'd be interested in hearing what others know about this. There will be $2-$3 added for sales tax but that's the same for almost everything.