SMS Short codes not working - prepaid plan


    I am evaluating Tmobile to see how the signal is in my hood and am realizing I am not getting short code texts.


    I think this is because i am on a prepaid plan.


    Can someone confirm?   $50 simply prepaid account, 30 days, 10GB data.... so far data and signal are good.  But not getting short codes.   Hoping this goes away if I move to a different plan.

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      • magentatechie

        Hello again, magenta6018430!  I'm glad to hear your services are still running smoothly! Now, according to this post, short codes are blocked for Prepaid and Simple Choice No Credit Check accounts- this post is from Jan 2017.


        BUT checking with the Text Message Troubleshooting page, it states that only the Simple Choice No Credit Check accounts are restricted from receiving premium services and short codes.  The only other restriction I see is from short codes originating from international numbers.  Perhaps one of our lovely mods have a better answer here!


        It might be worth a call to 611 to see if your short codes have been "blacklisted"; you may also want to check your account for any other types of blocks.  If you're not up for a call, use the Message Us link on this page (if present) or reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.


        I'd also have a peek at your S7's blocking features: Settings>Apps>All Apps>Menu (3 dots in upper right)>Special Access>Premium text message services>Allow


        If everything checks out, there is a service ticket that can be filed for missing short code SMS, provided we can verify for sure that the policy has indeed updated and short codes are allowed on prepaid.

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        • tmo_chris

          Hey there!


          magentatechie is correct, your plan should indeed work with non T-Mobile short codes. If you are only having issues with specific short codes, please contact us so that we can check for any blacklisting on your account.