How do I report a bug in the Android T-Mobile app?


    Is there an official channel for reporting bugs in the app?


    Just in case someone who can handle the reporting is watching, here's what I see:


    It's a Google Pixel, running Android OS 9.0 (Pie).


    The option to log in using the fingerprint reader only works once.


    The first time I use the app after turning the phone on, I log in using the finger print reader. If I log out, and then use the app later, the fingerprint reader popup isn't displayed, and I have just the standard login screen.


    I can get the fingerprint login screen back by doing a "force stop" and then clearing the app's storage, but that's a bit of an extreme measure.


    This isn't a really serious problem since it's unlikely I'll be using the app very often, but I just made some major changes to the account and was poking around quite a bit to see if everything was as it should be.

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      • magentatechie

        Hey there!  You can report bugs by tapping More at the bottom, then select Give Feedback.

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        • dmost

          Re: How do I report a bug in the Android T-Mobile app?

          A word of caution:


          Using fingerprint, facial, voice, or iris recognition all have one huge flaw. In order to utilize these recognition technologies, the provider and app must have something to campare to in order to verify you each time you log in. This requires an image of your face, fingerprint, or iris, and in the case of voice recognition, an audio profile to compare with.

          These are all files that need to be stored at the provider level and probably on your device as well. These are files that can possible be intercepted while traveling through the network.

          If your password becomes compromised, you can change it.


          If your fingerprint image gets stolen - Someone else can impersonate you forever.

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            • rbob

              Re: How do I report a bug in the Android T-Mobile app?

              Now, that's interesting. I'd never given any thought at all about the mechanism behind that function. All this time, we've been chastised about weak passwords, with facial recognition and fingerprint access being hyped without any consideration of how we might simply be adding an additional vulnerability.


              I think I'll do a little reading on just how these functions are implemented.