Cannot access home WiFi on LG Aristo


    Hello, awhile ago I bought an LG Aristo phone from T-Mobile and I also bought my Mother the exact same phone.

    Everything has been great until today. We left the house and came back home only to find out that neither of our phones will connect to our home WiFi. Other devices connect great with a strong, fast connection. It is only happening with our LG Aristo phones. That being said, I know it's not our home internet or else other devices could not connect to the WiFi, so it must be the phones.. The mobile 4G network connects immediately on both phones without any problems. We've tried a few things like restarting our phones, turning the wifi on and off on them, trying to connect with WPS and also forgetting the wifi and re-adding it and nothing is fixing this issue.

    When we try to connect to our wifi it says the following in this order:






    Other times it will just say "Connecting... Saved"

    Any insight into what is going on would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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