Wifi calling - other side cant hear me


    Having issues with wifi caling on note 9, when enabled i can make and recieve calls but the other side wont hear me,

    If ill disable wifi calling or disconnect wifi even in the middle of the call the other side start hear me right away.


    Tested on more than 5 wifi networks with full signal 100mp speed


    911 numbers enables.


    Tried disable google app permission to the microphone.


    Please help  need this option for trip i have in couple weeks

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      • magentatechie

        Re: Wifi calling - other side cant hear me

        Hey there, sorry you're having trouble with your WiFi calls!  You went in the right direction to turn off the Google permission to use the microphone, as this is a common issue related to having the Unlock with OK Google function turned on.


        I have a couple of questions so that we can try to narrow down the reason for the one way audio.  


        Do you have any Bluetooth devices hooked up to your device at the time of the calls, or is Bluetooth on at all?


        Have you checked to see what other apps have microphone permissions?  You can see this in Settings>Apps (or thereabouts)>App Permissions>Microphone; you will want to tap the 3 dots in the upper right hand side and select Show System.  Can you take a screen shot of the apps and post it here? I'm pretty curious to see if there's a similar fix as was with the OK Google Detection that can be employed in this circumstance.

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