After 4 Days, 30+s Ph Calls, 5Hrs 29Mins my Order still Pending Waiting for a Miracle


    I'm an American Airlines Employee and using our corporate discount I placed an order on Thursday afternoon and my call ended with an (ok your order has been processed you will receive and email shortly to sign and your phone will be delivered tomorrow) I won't put anymore details here since I'm exhausted on trying to get this situation resolved and explaining the same story to more than 20 diff persons. See picture attached for call history to T-mobile and order ref.. Please don't take any action on this order without 1st calling me since the shipping service and address needs to be updated. Also at minimum I want my phone case for free... This situation has surpassed any bad customer experience I have ever had in my life.


    I hope someone helps me within hours...

    Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 1.49.51 AM.pngorder.png

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