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iPhone X does not receive MMS any more




    My iPhone X does not receive MMS any more, although everything else works fine (SMS and Internet-based IM). I haven't changed anything on my phone and I've just upgraded to the latest iOS release, it does not help.


    Thanks for your help!

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      • magentatechie

        Re: iPhone X does not receive MMS any more

        Hey there! Have you checked your MMS settings? Settings>Messages>MMS, turn switch on.  What type of MMS are you referring to? A picture/video text or a group message? Did the problem start before you updated the software?

          • plgingembre

            Re: iPhone X does not receive MMS any more

            My MMS settings have never changed, it is on (I checked this before starting this thread).

            Within a group or with an individual, receiving a photo does not work since 2 days. I was part of different groups, if it's an iMessage group, that works, if it's a mix of Android and iOS devices, I do not receive any message any more... It was working fine last week, but something changed meanwhile and now I can't receive MMS from people any more. Emails, WhatsApp, iMessage or other Internet-based messaging services work just fine.

            The problem appeared before the upgrade, the upgrade did not change. One thing to notice though, if I switch off my phone and power it on, I receive some MMS in a complete disorder, not all of them, but at least I get something.