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    I have been a customer with T-Mobile for many years, and lately  I have been disappointed with current customer service received by phone specialist. I made a decision to transfer responsibility of plan to my husband, in August and things went down hill ever since.  The whole transaction was not explained correctly from the beginning that I needed to sign each EIP in order for  each equipment to be transferred to the new account. I Signed one and thought what I signed was for all equipment. Found out after $800 was auto-draft  from my account that I only signed for the least expensive device. I called customer service and spoke with over 10 reps and manager that could not give me a honest answer to how can we fix this issue. I was given broken promises multiple times that I would receive a refund, that the new account information would be brought up to day showing that I don't owe a balance on equipment.  Well that never happened and on top of that I received a bill for $588 for a cancellation fee for a phone that was not cancelled.  Each time I call, there is no notes to be found that any of this has happened, so there is  a breakdown of communication. How can I trust T-Mobile when the phone specialist tells you what you want to hear to get you off the phone.  Each time a customer call for the same issue why isn't there any way for the next rep to pick up from that unresolved conversation. I have internet service with Verizon and there customer rep follows up with you directly by phone and email to ensure your issue has been resolved.

    I need help with this issue that has been ongoing since August. I am told since the original account is closed there is no way to access the information. I have also been charged for Cell Spot that has already been returned.  Last promise tonight was that I would receive a gift card in the mail to pay off for the cancellation fee. I decline because I know it's another broken promise. I don't want the money, I want charges drop and update the current account.

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        Hey there, I'm so sorry you're going through such a tough time with your cancelled account.


        Unfortunately, you only have 30 days after the completion of a change of responsibility to request the EIP paperwork be sent out for transferring the equipment from the old account to the new account.  JUMP on Demand equipment can not be transferred between accounts, only EIP financed devices.


        The $588 cancellation fee? I'm confused about that. T-Mobile does not charge for early termination fees as they have not required contracts in several years.  Is this perhaps the payoff for the device(s) that failed to transfer? 


        As far as the Cellspot, if you returned the device, you can request a Handset Research Form be filed on your behalf to locate the missing equipment.  If it is found in a timely fashion, your account will be adjusted the non-return fee for the device.


        My advice would be to reach out to T-Force via Facebook or Twitter to have them investigate, specifically about the Cellspot.  If it hasn't been too long, you might still have a chance removing the charge.