Radford, VA - Very little to no Signal


    Both my kids attend Radford and we just switched to T-Mobile from Sprint. My kids live on the top floor in an apartment building that can pretty much see all of the Radford University Campus. They have no issues with signal around Radford or in their apartment, but once they step into someone's else's house, dorm room, apt, etc they lose all signal. Is there any plans to install a repeater around Radford University? There has got be more T-Mobile customers in and around Radford then just my kids.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Radford, VA - Very little to no Signal

        I don't have any news about T-Mobile putting a repeater on the building  there. The best bet is to Contact Us and have one of our Team of Experts file a Service Complaint for the address they're having the signal issue.

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Radford, VA - Very little to no Signal

          Some small college towns are an issue for T-Mobile. Mom and Dad sign up for a family plan then a couple years later, Junior heads off to Oberlin or Radford or some other fairly small college town and find T-Mobile's service there, wanting. Then the whole family is prompted to change carriers. I've pinged Nevile Ray on Twitter about this very issue and he said that college towns are a priority for T-Mobile. One little note about Radford. I checked and it looks like the site (tower) in the middle of town has bands 2, 4 & 71. Now, band 71 is the very new 600 MHz band which is best for long range and in-building service. When you ported over from Sprint, did you keep your old phones or get new T-Mobile phones like the S8-Active or S9? It could be that new phones will solve your service issue in Radford.