T-Mobile Bussines Account unable to use IPhone Upgrade Program


    For the past 5 days, I have been trying to preorder the new Iphone XS Max through Apple using the iPhone upgrade program.


    I have a Tmobile Business Account with the iPhone 7 using the jump program that’s now fully paid off. On apple’s website, the final step to preordering the phone says, “Next, let’s confirm your carrier”. I enter my phone number and pin. I click confirm carrier and then it checks. After it does, the next screen says, “This T-Mobile Account isn’t supported on Apple.com”.


    Why is T-Mobile restricting business accounts for leasing phones through apple? This is completely unfair and frustrating. Called T-Mobile for the pass 4 days and nobodg has figured it out. I called Apple and after 2 hours, got to the some high officer and after checking multiple sources and people, he notified me it’s because your business plan with T-Mobile prevents this. This is frustrating. Please help me out!

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