Apple iPhone Upgrade Program T-Mobile PIN Code Issues


    I am unable to enroll in the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program because there is some type of issue with my T-Mobile account.  I have contacted T-Mobile and Apple and no one seems to know what the problem is.


    In June I ported over two lines from AT&T and opened a brand new line.  All three of my iPhones are fully paid off so I own them.  I am not trading anything in, I am simply trying to enroll in the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program.


    When I get the screen that prompts me for my wireless number and account PIN or last four of my SSN, it errors out and prompts me to contact T-Mobile.  When I call T-Mobile, the reps immediately try and get me to purchase the upgrade through T-Mobile instead of Apple.  I don't want to do this!  That's when I get asked to contact Apple.  So there is a breakdown in communication with T-Mobile.  I assume this might be because this is the first year this process has been possible (T-Mobile Users Can Now Join the iPhone Upgrade Program) Unfortunately, it's not working!  I have tried resetting my PIN but it makes no difference.  Tried using a PC and the iOS Apple Store app.


    Can someone from T-Mobile look into this for me?


    Here are some screenshots of what it looks like:



    And this is the error I get if I use my T-Mobile PIN code or the last four digits of my SSN:

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      • magentatechie

        T-Mobile's iPhone upgrade program


        Did you purchase your devices from T-Mobile or did you bring them over from another carrier?  What kind of account do you have?


        You said that they are completely paid off, so why is joining the program at this point important? The primary benefit of joining is being able to upgrade your iPhone yearly without completing the payment schedule, this does not apply to you if are not making payments on your devices.


        Finally, according to the document above, the open season to enroll in the program was over on August 31st.  This is mostly likely the reason why you're not having any success signing up online now.  If you have a postpaid account, the program is added automatically upon purchase of a new iPhone from T-Mobile.

          • yotoddy

            Did you purchase your devices from T-Mobile or did you bring them over from another carrier?  No, I did not purchase them from T-Mobile.  I already owned all three iPhones when I ported my two lines from AT&T in June of 2018.


            What kind of account do you have?  I have a postpaid account.  All three lines are One+ unlimited everything.


            You said that they are completely paid off, so why is joining the program at this point important? The primary benefit of joining is being able to upgrade your iPhone yearly without completing the payment schedule, this does not apply to you if are not making payments on your devices.  I'm not sure what you are asking here or if you are just injecting your opinion of what I should do.


            Finally, according to the document above, the open season to enroll in the program was over on August 31st.  I thought I clearly stated that I was NOT purchasing iPhone through T-Mobile so I am not sure why you linked me to an internal T-Mobile iPhone Upgrade Program.  I am not interested in any of T-Mobile's iPhone offers.


            I am trying to join the APPLE IPHONE UPGRADE PROGRAM which you access by going to  The screenshots in my post are from Apple's website.  I should be able to join the program, type in my cellular line number and account PIN and then proceed with the enrollment process.  There is clearly an issue with my T-Mobile account and no one seems to be able to assist me with.





          • phatzub

            I’m having the a similar issue and it’s super frustrating. I’m on a business account along with 13 other people. i have an iPhone 7 Plus through the jump program on T-Mobile. Phone is now fully paid off, yet  when I try to pre order the new iPhone on apple’s website using the Apple iPhone upgrade program, I enter my phone number and pin and this message comes up, “Your T-Mobile Account type isn’t supported on”.


            Seems like Tmobile’s business account are preventing me from leasing a phone through Apple which is just unethical in my opinion.

            • tmo_chris

              Hey Folks,


              I apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone but we are aware of this issue and are working on a fix. We do not have an estimated time of resolution right now but if you want to purchase the device through Apple, we would recommend that you visit an Apple store in the meantime.

                • yotoddy

                  Don’t bother visiting an Apple store folks.  There is absolutely nothing Apple can do for you.  You can not join the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program unless Apple is able to access your T-Mobile account.


                  It took me four freakin' days of calling T-Mobile, chatting with them using the "Message Us" feature in MyT-Mobile, sending DM's on Twitter, and finally posting here.  You want to know which of those people... my "Team of Experts" that was able to help me?  Zero, none of them, not one single person.  Every single time I contacted T-Mobile I had to start from the beginning and tell my whole story of how I have been bounced back and forth between T-Mobile and Apple and how I have been working non-stop to get this resolved but each day I get reset back to step 1, and blah blah blah.  Countless so called "engineers" advised my "Team of Experts" that this was a known issue and that I needed to contact Apple as it was an issue with their website.  Then I was told that I just needed to go to the Apple Store and sign up for the program there.  Nope, that didn't work either.  I then tried ordering a phone using my mom's T-Mobile account and what do you know.... it worked!  No so called issues with Apple's website.... No "known issues" on T-Mobile's side either.  It just worked.  So now I was convinced there is specifically an issue with my T-Mobile account.


                  Last night, in a fit of rage, I drove from the Apple Store back to the T-Mobile store I went to when I opened my account.  Guess what.... the extremely nice lady was able to find the issue in about 20min.  T-Mobile's Fraud Department had put a SIM Card lock on all three of my lines because of suspicious activity that occurred on July 27th.  She had to look up an internal document to find out what this was and how to remove it.  The only way to get it removed required her to send an email to T-Mobile's Fraud team.  That department contacted me this morning and explained that it was placed on my account because someone signed up a device under my Digits and calls were being redirected to some place in Florida.  After that he explained that this block would not prevent me from signing up for the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program in any way because of the way it works.  I after I explained to him all the crap I have been through and this was that start of Day 4, he agreed to remove the SIM Card Lock.  I told him that if it didn't work I would call him back and he could put the block back onto the account.  Once we disconnected, I waited about 10min and poof, abra cadabra, I'm in and everything is working!


                  Long story short.... if you have strange account issues don't waste your time calling, messaging, or DM'ing, or posting... go to a T-Mobile store.  The store employee was able to find my account issue in 20min and the issue was resolved this morning!  I mean seriously there was a red exclamation point inside a red triangle on my account page that has been there since July 27th.  Why why why why why why didn't one single person see this on my account?


                  Ya might want to sticky this or send it around to all the "Team of Experts" because there has got to me some other poor fool out there pulling his or her hair out and gritting their teeth because they are not getting the help they need.  I just lived through the Rainn Wilson commercial.  I'll just go ahead and mark my post as the answer to this three day journey. Do I get an award for this crap?  No wait, can the T-Mobile Rep at the store get an award?

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                • thereisnouncarrier

                  This perfectly describes the struggle that I've gone through to try and get this resolved. I'm still unable to go through the Apple Upgrade Program and am on the verge of going with another carrier. So many hours of my life wasted trying to get this taken care of. So much for a "Team of Experts."

                    • yotoddy

                      I would advise going to a T-Mobile store and showing them this thread.  I spent four hours one day chatting online with one of my "Experts".  It took me close to two hours just to explain to them that I was talking about the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program and not the T-Mobile iPhone Upgrade Program.  I would send them the link I posted in my original post up above and they still didn't understand.  Because NO ONE READS in today's society.  If they can't skim the article in 10sec they just skip it.  With that being said.....


                      If you suspect you have a SIM Card lock on your account, don't trust any of your "Experts" to do any research.  They will be extremely nice to you, but they WILL NOT research or read anything you send them.  Go to a storeSpeak to a T-Mobile rep in person, face to face, and I bet money your issue will be resolved.  There is so much more pressure for them to actually solve your problem when you are looking them in the eyes.  Also, the store reps have a seperate help desk they call that customers don't have access to.  Store reps get stuff done!

                    • allenhuffman

                      Add two more folks having this issue...


                      I've been with T-Mobile for years, but I'm on a prepaid plan. I was told in chat that these are not supported.


                      I have a friend who switched to T-Mobile early this year and is encountering the same thing. Her phone was ported from Verizon.


                      I had no luck visiting a corporate T-Mobile store last night. They did not impress me. One of the iPhones on display was locked to someone's gmail account and was unusable. They told me it had been stolen and recovered... And they put it back on display, unusable?

                      • magenta3801866

                        I have a postpaid account with tmobile since last 5 years. I have been trying to enroll in the Iphone Upgrade Program and facing the same issue. I visited the tmobile store as well as the apple store. Tmobile store rep verified that my account is regular and I do have my ssn linked to my account (I'm the primary account holder for my plan). Apple store rep tried to call Tmobile customer sales rep and they don't have any clue either. This is very frustrating and has been happening since years. No one has any solution yet. Can someone please help fix this?  Thanks!




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