Better service for Military members living near military bases


    I would like to start by saying I LOVE T-Mobile's Military deals.  I'm currently saving about $100 a month on my cell service with 3 lines.  I generally have great service when I'm out and about, especially when I need my GPS to navigate the greater Washington DC area!


    My only issue, and I know MANY people who have the same problem:  T-Mobile's cellular service is TERRIBLE in my home.  I live near Fort Belvoir, VA and I know lots of folks who have switched to T-Mobile who have the same issues.  This creates MANY issues, as calls constantly drop out of nowhere (actually, it just happened to me while on hold as I'm typing this message). 


    I've tried using a few different options to boost service.  I use WiFi calling, which is okay for calling other cellular users, but is useless when calling landline or -800 numbers.  T-Mobile sent me a signal booster which has rendered useless as it cannot pick up a strong enough signal to boost throughout the house.  I barely get any service moving outside either.  I feel like I am out of options.  I would rather not use T-Mobile's Cell Spot either, as there it does not provide me any network security options (anyone can connect to it).


    I love the prices of the service, and I have no complaints about T-Mobile's service anywhere BUT my home.  I feel this issue needs to be addressed for the sake of the large military population in this area.  Having access to our mobile phones is essential for military users!!!

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